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Proper nutrition and an active lifestyle is the key to good health. At you can find out if your diet could be doing you harm and book an online nutritional consultation to take the first step towards making a positive change.

Here you can also find exclusive information about The Flexi Foodie Academy where you can enrol for my online courses. The aim of The Flexi Foodie Academy is to improve your knowledge of health, nutrition and the benefits of an active lifestyle.

JUB, my new superhero food product, is also coming soon and you can keep up with all of the latest news surrounding JUB right here!

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Julies New DVD
“21 day Power Yoga Detox & weight Loss Method”

Bumpkin restaurants are delighted to share with you that the Bumpkin Healthy options have been created by Julie Montagu, the Flexi Foodie: Yogini, health coach and wellness warrior.. read more here
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Jub Food